Nha Trang guide Vietnam

Points of interest and sights - Where to go in Nha Trang for entertainment or culture? Which beach or market should you not miss?

Accommodation - Here we will advise you on popular and tried-and-tested accommodation, whether you are interested in hostels, hotels or luxury resorts.

Transport - How to get to the city? How far from the center is the airport, bus or train station?

Food - What should you try from the local specialties?

Weather - When does it rain a lot in Nha Trang? In which season to visit the city?

Poem AI - And what did artificial intelligence write about Nha Trang?

Nha Trang
Nha Trang

Nha Trang, one of the largest beach resorts in Vietnam, is located in the central part of the country, about 450 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. Modern high-rise buildings here surround a 7 km long beach. Nha Trang is a nice place to relax with an abundance of activities for everyone to choose from.

However, Nha Trang is starting to pay a toll for the ever-increasing number of tourists. It is growing into a huge tourist spot. Let everyone decide for themselves, but if you don't want to spend your vacation in a place where you will meet more Russians than locals, then you better avoid this place. Unfortunately, they also took over most of the activities associated with tourism here.

Points of interest and activities

Nha Trang offers plenty of water activities from diving to jet skiing. You must not miss a visit to Vinpearl theme park. In the high season, you can use the cable car across the sea to travel. However, it does not run all year round. During the rainy season, fast boats will take you here from the Vinpearl wharf. The entrance fee to the park itself is worth buying in advance, for example at a travel agency or online. Then the entrance fee will be around 800 CZK per adult, but it is worth it. All attractions are included in the price. In the park, you can choose from several restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, etc. Opening hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.

Vinpearl theme park
Vinpearl theme park

The park is divided into several parts:

Amusement park - In this section you will find several attractions, a chain carousel, a roller coaster, a free fall or you can enter virtual reality here. No adrenaline junkie should miss the bobsleigh track and zip line. You will also find a section for smaller children where they can have fun.

A zoological and amazing botanical garden with several greenhouses - in this part you will also find a giant wheel.

Botanical garden
Botanical garden

Sea World or sea aquarium - during the tour, sharks, stingrays, etc. will swim above your head. You can also visit the dolphinarium here.

Aquapark - here you will find countless water slides, but as well attractions right on the sea.


You can then end the day during the Tata laser show, which is shown every day from 19:30. The park also includes several hotel resorts where you can arrange accommodation.

The Vinpearl company operates several such amusement parks, others can be found, for example, on the island of Phu Quoc.

Ponagar Tower - Within walking distance from the center of Nha Trang, you will also find the historic Cham Towers. This historic complex of old temples and towers is located on a hill above the city. It offers beautiful views of Nha Trang and the surrounding countryside. The entrance fee is about 25000VND (about 1 EUR).

Ponagar Cham Towers
Ponagar Cham Towers

Long Sơn Buddhist Temple - This picturesque Buddhist temple is home to a huge white Buddha statue and a beautiful view of the city.

Institute of Oceanography - This institution has an extensive collection of marine animals and exhibits dealing with the local marine ecosystem. If you enjoy getting to know the local fauna and flora, you've come to the right place.

Local Markets – In Nha Trang, you can visit many markets where you can discover the local culture, taste traditional foods and delicacies. Among the most popular is the Dam Market, which offers a wide selection of fresh food and souvenirs.

Beaches - Nha Trang is famous for its beautiful beaches with fine sand and clear sea. Among the most popular is Trần Phú Beach, where you can enjoy swimming and water sports.

Local culture
Local culture


In Nha Trang, you can stay in one of more than 800 accommodation capacities. Hotels are surprisingly the most represented here, followed by popular apartments, then guest houses and hostels.

Oceanfront Panorama Nha Trang offers luxury at very affordable prices. Accommodation right in the city center, a short walk from the beach, what more could you ask for? All rooms have a balcony, some with sea views. Some rooms also have a kitchenette. The hotel has a restaurant, a terrace with a bar and a garden.

The luxurious 5* resort Mia Resort Nha Trang is located outside the city center by the beach. The hotel has a garden, an outdoor pool, you can enjoy wellness and massages, buggy rides, yoga lessons and the like. Some villas in the resort even have their own pool.

Among the mid-range hotels, we can recommend, for example, the 4* Gibson Hotel Nha Trang. You can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the beach from the hotel's rooftop pool. The hotel has a fitness center, a lounge, a restaurant and a concierge. The 24/7 reception can arrange for you a transfer to the airport.

Sea veiw
Many hotels offers rooms with sea view

Nightlife lovers might like the 2* Mojzo Inn Boutique Hotel, surrounded by bars and restaurants. You can rent a bike or arrange day trips at the reception. There is also a common room and a sun terrace. It offers both private and shared rooms.

Jungle Dorm Nha Trang offers cheap accommodation for backpackers. The hostel is located a short distance from the center and the beach. It offers accommodation in both private and shared rooms. There is also a luggage storage room, an information service at the reception, lockers or even a terrace.

For a complete offer of accommodation in Nha Trang, we recommend using A-HOTEL.com. You can also use Booking.com offer for Nha Trang.


You can come to Nha Trang in all possible ways. The airport is not directly in the city, but about 30 km to the south. It is much cheaper to travel by train or sleeper buses. The train and bus stations are located a short distance from the center.

Typical food

You can probably guess that grilled fish and seafood are typical and popular dishes in Nha Trang, which is located on the coast.

Sea food
Local sea food

Bún chả cá Nha Trang - This is a fish soup with noodles, often flavored with herbs, vegetables and sour sauce. It tastes great and is pleasantly refreshing.


For visiting Nha Trang, we can recommend the period from February to March. At this time, calm seas and temperatures of around 26-32 degrees await you here. On the other hand, you will pay for the beautiful weather during the peak tourist season, it will definitely be full and the prices will be higher. The so-called dry weather in Nha Trang lasts from January to August. On the contrary, it rains a lot here from September to December. Even during the rainy season, you can enjoy the warm weather here for swimming. In the sea, however, expect bigger waves and dirt that is washed here by the surrounding rivers.

A poem about Nha Trang invented by artificial intelligence

In Nha Trang, where the sun bathes in a veil of gold,
On white beaches, where the waves happily rustle.
The air smells of exotic flowers and sea songs,
And the sun shines above this boundless paradise.

Corals and fish create their quiet world here,
Below the surface, where the colors alternate like a painter's palette.
Nha Trang, where history breathes in every stone,
And where dreams are intertwined with the smell of sea salt.

In the harbor the boats dance softly,
And the sun's rays bathe lazily in the blue water.
Nha Trang, a city where time seems to stand still,
And in the air you can feel the story of every wave and every sand given.